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This is a webring for learning about the ancient trades!   Requirements for this Ring are:  

You have an informational web site or have a trade related to these topics:
  • Ancient trades (weaponry, blacksmith, woodsmith, textile, etc..) as practiced before the modern machine age.
  • Ancient Lore: (Norse, Celtic, Viking, Pagan, etc..)

 If you have something like that and are interested in joining our ring, click the link below and fill out our submission form...

Temporarily Closed to NEW Applicants

Please note, We do NOT accept sites with pop-up advertising windows.

If you have questions, please e-mail me

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This web ring was originaly established by Sherry "Raven" Macbeth. She stopped maintaining the ring when Yahoo.com took over from the original Webring.org and wanted a lot of personal information from ringmasters as well as taking much of the control away from those who had created the rings. When the new WebRing.org took over the system from Yahoo they put the ring on "automatic" and the system booted any sites that did not have the NEW webring navigation bars even though they did have the correct code linking to the ring. This resulted in losing the ring home and anchor sites such as anvilfire.com

This is the NEW Ancient Trades webring based on the original by Sherry MacBeth.  The old ring currently still exits on webring.org but is no longer maintained. This new version is an attempt to preserve and put life back into the ring.
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