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About Javascript Navigation Bars

Server Side Navigation Bars: All four of the above web ring "navbars" are each created with a single line of code as in the following example:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE= "JavaScript" SRC="http://www.SiteName/folder/ringcode.js"></SCRIPT>

All four navbars work exactly the same way. The code and graphics are served from a remote server.

The difference is that the two Blacksmith's Ring and the bottom Steelworkers navbar are under the control of the Ringmaster. The design, content, size and how served is entirely under the control of the Ringmaster. The code and graphics can be served centraly or distributed to ring members. For simple operation without a CGI script this method requires a second single line of code defining the site and ring ID. This can be in the HEAD or immediately above the line calling the ring code.

This simple system can be used both with current (old and new Yahoo! style) rings or Gunnar Hjalmarsson's Ringlink. It may also work with other web ring systems. The code may be served from the ring server or an alternate server. The code and graphics may be served from different locations. The Blacksmith's Ring server side navbar uses a simple Javascript "js" file that is simply a series of document.write ('HTML') statements. Any Ringmaster adept at HTML could create or edit these files and provide the same type of service that is provided by the new Yahoo/WebRing™ system.

If distributed to ring members the code may be customized for the individual site and not require the second line of code with the site ID. Automated customizing of the code has already been tested in Ringlink and works perfectly. All it takes is the placement of one variable in your template file.

Notes on the required jsNAVBAR bandwidth.

IF you have many members that are loading their graphics from your server now, then the added bandwith to a jsNABAR is insignificant. If the graphics are of any significant size, you may be able to reduce them and have no net gain in bandwidth. You can also distribute your ring fragment as a Javascript js file that members just copy to their server. This has the advantage of the short code link that jsNAVBA uses without the server bandwidth problems. You can provide updated Javascript files to the members to install and they don't have to edit their HTML. Just post the new code and the updates are up and running!
The ring code itself can be of any style the Ringmaster wants. It can be simple text, tables and graphics or imagemaps. The code can include localized style sheets and Javascript functions. I would recommend distributing large code blocks to ring members to reduce server load. If changes are necessary the ring members would only need to copy the new file to their server and would not need to edit the installed HTML.

NOTE 1: The WebRing™ navbar link text defaults to the page link colors. This results in invisible links on many pages such as those with white or pastel link colors on a dark background. The navbar will also have problems on pages with style sheets. These problems were realized by many on the first installation. How long will it take to resolve these problems? The Blacksmiths Ring navbars above have the same problems but the red "JOIN" link shows how easily one of these problems can be fixed. Using a system YOU control these problems can be rapidly fixed OR custom code created for those special occasions where the standard code doesn't work.

NOTE 2: September 11, 2000 - The links on the sample Blacksmiths Ring navbars are to a new system under development. These navbars were created to test the navbar system as well as the new Ringlink installation. The Blacksmiths Ring home page is a shambles since the change at Yahoo/Webring AND it has not been integrated into the new Ringlink system that we are setting up. DO NOT link to this page or the above addreses. They are probably all going to change in the next few weeks as the old rings are transfered to the new.

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Jock Dempsey
Ringmaster, The Blacksmiths Ring and the Steelworkers Webring contact ringmaster