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Gunnar's Ringlink provides the tools you need to run a webring, i.e. a system of links between websites of similar contents. It makes use of the program Ringlink.

For the time being there is no "help" or "FAQ" page available, so if you wish to run a webring using Gunnar's Ringlink, you are assumed to be familiar with the webring concept before you start. Useful general help about setting up and running a webring can be found here, but if you have questions specifically related to Gunnar's Ringlink, feel free to contact the Gunnar Hjalmarsson. If you are interested in having your metals related web ring hosted by Rings @ anvilfire.com contact the ringmaster

Please post any comments and suggestions about the Ringlink program to the Ringlink Mailing List. Postings to the list are archived here.

The core links

Ring Admin (password required)

Add new site

Site admin
For webmasters to edit their site info and get their customized HTML code.

Ring admin
For ringmasters to edit or customize their ring, activate/deactivate sites etc. You can also access the "Site admin" menu within "Ring admin".

These are some useful strings for a ringmaster to put up in links at the ring homepage:

Add new site

Get HTML code / Edit site

Random site in ring

List sites in ring