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Wazillion Navbars Project (mirror)

A demonstration of the results of multiple Y!/ring nav-bars.
Please be patient as the list grows.

"One of the new features of the Yahoo! WebRing system (compared to the Original WebRing system) is that the Yahoo! WebRing system doesn’t use HTML on the ring member pages. Instead it uses a Navbar JavaScript to retrieve the required HTML real-time whenever the page is browsed. Just one invocation of the Navbar JavaScript returns all the HTML for all the Rings. That is why all the Navbars for new Yahoo! WebRings appear on this one page."

"Note that the link at the top labeled “Home” is not the home of this site. Nor is it the home of the WebRings. Rather, it is the home of the Yahoo! WebRing system. Currently there are no links to the Ring Home Pages. However, if you go to the Ring Hub Page, which is the one hosted at Yahoo! WebRing and then look on the left side of the page, some RingMasters also highlight a link to the RingMaster Site. This is a kind of substitute for the Ring Home Page function that used to exist in the Original WebRing system."