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Ancient Trades Web-Ring Home
Home page of the Ancient Trades webring.
Repousse Tools
Repousse tools and techniques for artists and blacksmiths
Anvilfire Armoury
Armour making articles, tools and techniques.
Wooden Clamp Journal
For those who collect, study, use, deal in, or just like wooden clamps and related woodworking tools. Topics include: Makers, Users, Dealers, Field guides, care and handling, prices.
Traditional hand forged Japanese Tantos clay tempered giving each blade a unique Hamon line.
Antracit Blacksmith Forum
Antracit Blacksmith Forum is the Scandinavian square for mettalartsts to come together. Manely Swedish but also English spoken.
New England School of Metalwork
The New England School of Metalwork is a non-profit school devoted to the use of metals. A blacksmithing shop with seven forge stations with their own anvil and tools. Master instructors in many areas of metalwork.
I am an antiquated blacksmith, and delight in making the curiously beautiful things we find in old books or from our grandparent's stories.
The Armourers workshop
Fully researched and traditionally hand crafted arms and armour.Fine quality replica armour for museums and collectors alike,plus a whole array of associated historical metalwork. features a fine selection brand name Damascus Blade Knives, as well as vintage Damascus Blade Knives... all at discount prices.
A Quest for the Perfect Sword: Chivalry Steel
Be a swords and steel expert by bedtime. Steel Topics covers Medieval swords, materials, parts, construction, types, and use. Find-A-Sword quiz learns your tastes, offers advice and search keywords to find your perfect sword. Selected items for sale.
Alchemy Forge
Website to promote my blacksmithing/metalworking obsession... I mean hobby.
Thak the Blacksmith & Armourer-Ontario,Canada
Providing courses in Blacksmithing, Armouring and Japanese Swordsmithing as well as blacksmith supplies.
Fenris Forge
Damascus Blades and general Blacksmithing, from Fort Wayne Indiana.
On-line blacksmithing and metalworking reference. Questions answered daily by the guru. Buy sell and trade on the Virtual Hammer-In and chat on the Slack-Tub Pub. Power hammer Page, book reviews, FAQs, plans and more.

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