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14 in Sept. 2000
44 in Feb. 2007

Yes, America, there are thousands of blacksmiths!
85 sites in 2000
192 Feb. 2007

A growing new webring.
New Ringmaster moving it here.
Both Javascript and HTML code available
12 sites on
Sept 30, 2000
12 Feb/ 2007

An adopted webring. Now hosting here
NEW February 2003
15 sites in 2007

 Ancient Trades Webring 

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A new webring. Not yet taking members. Links temp on Blacksmiths webring

Over 200 websites drive traffic to our webring list pages. One reason for hosting our own webrings was so that we could offer advertising on them. Previously we had tried to purchase advertising on the our own Blacksmiths Webring and found the rates exorbitant. Ask about our reasonable advertising rates on this select group of metal craft related rings.

This is the NEW webring hosting site of anvilfire.net. These rings are no longer affiliated with Yahoo/Webring or Webring.com. We left the yahoo system due to the policy changes there that forced tens of thousands of Ringmasters to move their webrings to independant systems. After creating this disaster Yahoo sold the system back to an newly formed webring.org. It still suffers from many of the problems created by Yahoo but they did bring stability to the system. For more information see What happened to Yahoo.

Our independeant webring system has been running stably for 7 years (2000 to 2007) and is healthy and growing.

We are looking for other metal related, crafts or basic industries webrings to host. If you have an existing ring that you wish to move or want to establish a new webring and manage it then contact us. Ringmasters, use this link for service info Ringlink @ anvilfire.net.

We also offer affordable webhosting services and can host your webring home or web site.

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